In this category there will be no particular order of subject or location. With many of them there will be other views and  information or comments on the location category under "County". A link will be available to that page if you wish to visit it. You will need to scroll down the page, the reason for this is the other method uses a white page and the photo doesn't show up as well and there are no comments. Use your "back" button to return to the original page.


An old dilapidated barn.

Dilapidated Barn - Decatur County

It won't be around much longer. There  is another view this Page.

An old small town commercial building.

Old Commercial Building - Hancock County

A former tire store among other things in Charlottesville. A side view can be seen on this Page.

A rusty abandoned iron bridge.

A Rusting Iron Bridge - Madison County

Closed off for only four years at the time of this photo. The road on the other side is gone. Other views can comments can be seen on this Page.

Abandoned railroad piers.

Old Railroad Piers - Decatur County

Between Hope and Greensburg.

One Room School House- Hancock County 

Near Greenfield. I would like to see the roof repaired. A couple other views can be seen on this Page.

An Old Barn - Madison County

This one has slipped off of it's foundation.

An Old Farmhouse - Hancock County

Boarded up for a few years and forgotten I guess. The larger barn is long gone.

An old abandoned rural brick building.

Rural Building - Decatur County

I am not absolutely sure what this building was for. From this angle it looks like a former school. Three other views and comments can be seen on this Page.

The Thompson Haven house in ruins.

Thompson Haven House - Rush County

It will soon be gone forever, such a shame! A closer look and of the other side can be seen on this Page.

Abandoned and forgotten old school house in Wilkerson Indiana.

Old School - Hancock County

A former fine old school in Wilderson. The newer school that was built on to the left is old also and decrepit. Three other views and comments can be seen on this Page.

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