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Old House in Aurora Indiana

Old Two Story on Fifth Street

At first glimpse this house looks abandoned but it is the high shrubberies that give that impression. I like the wrap around porch, the angled window on the left, the fancy window hood and brackets.

This concludes the homes on the south side of Fifth Street. Now we will return to just a short ways west of Hillforest again and look at some of the houses on the north side which would be to our right as we continue west again.

Fine Old Home on Fifth Street

With the  tower, brackets, and windows, this house has an Italian Villa feel to me. I love the entryway, the room to the right with an entry and the projected window upstairs on the right. The thought of the morning sunlight streaming in sort of cheers me up. The wrought iron fence and flowers  make for a great finishing touch.

 Two Story House on Fifth Street

I like this old house and the long narrow porch. It sits a bit too close to the street for me though. The level of this house to the street as compared to those across the street shown on page 1, gives an idea of how steep the hill is on which these homes were built.

We will take a look at the house to the left in this view, watch out for your eyes!

Blue House in Aurora Indiana

Blue House on Fifth Street

You just can't miss this one! A very different design on this house with the front at an angle and the gable in the corner. I would like to see a different treatment of the porch in wood instead of the brick but it is nice. I like the portholes and fish scale shingles and also the fan treatment on the corners.

I took the pole and wires out of this view because they were so distracting.

 Looking Northeast on Bridgeway Street.

I am not sure of the name of this street but I wanted to show it leading down into Aurora. This view was shot from a little ways south of Fifth street. The green house on the left can be seen in the photograph above toward the right.

The first street in the distance is Fourth street and I will be showing a towered large house and a church. I will include a street view of both from Fifth Street also.

Old Two Story Brick House in Aurora Indiana

Two Story Brick Home

The entry, wrought iron balcony, window eyebrow head, brackets and trim color really adds to this building.

This concludes the houses on the north side Fifth Street.

House with a Tower

This is the only house on Fourth Street that I will show. It has a round turret on the front corner which has a conical roof with a finial.

Another View of the Towered House

In this view you can see the wrap around porch and also the fish scale siding on the turret. I would have liked to show the rear but there was a sign in the way along with other "stuff". Across the street to the right in this photo sits a large white church of which I will show later under "buildings". This house can be seen partially in a view taken from Fifth Street looking downward toward town.

French Mansard Roofed House

There is a small number of houses on Third Street of which I will show three that are next to each other. I don't see many that are on the small size such as this one that has a mansard roof. I wish I could gotten a better view of it.

A Very Fancy Yellow House

Sitting to the left of the house above is this little gem of a house. I like the bay window and the fancy work of the window upstairs. The verticals in the gable and the fish scale siding along with the fancy porch posts help make this dwelling. Perhaps it is the color scheme and landscaping that really sets it off.

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