Four Sided Barns

Barns are quickly disappearing from our landscape, thankfully there are a good number left but it won't always be so. For more views of many of these barns you may click on the county they are located in listed on the "Places" page.


A large white barn.

Decatur County

One of three barns that sit near each other near Greensburg. Another of it and the barns nearby are on this Page.

An old barn and shed near Laurel Indiana.

Franklin County

This is an interesting farm setting, other photos are available.

An old concrete block dairy barn in Hancock county, Indiana.

Hancock County

An old concrete block dairy barn that looks like stone.  The barn was built in 1911 and has long been out of use. Two other views can be seen on this Page.

Hancock County

A nice old barn and farm. Also a nice bull that is coming out to greet me which I didn't notice until after the shot. There was no place to go.....well more on that and one other view of it on this Page.

An old decaying barn in Decatur county, Indiana.

Decatur County

A very dilapidated old abandoned barn. Another view of it is on this Page.

A picturesque old barn in Delaware county, Indiana.

Madison County

I fell in love with this old barn from the moment I first saw it. For two other views and one of an out building, go to this Page.

An old barn in Bartholomew county, Indiana

Bartholomew County

An old barn with an interesting "End" on it near Anderson Falls. For a view of it and the small barn-like shed and photos of Anderson Falls, go to this Page.

A red roofed white barn in Decatur county, Indiana

Decatur County

A great looking old barn that I took for painting reference. I wish these old barns had their silo tops intact. That is a graveyard in the distance.

Hancock County

Looking southeast at this old barn near Greenfield. My favorite views of it can be seen on this Page.

Two old barns close each other in Franklin county, Indiana

Franklin County

A couple of unusual barns in what seemed in the middle of nowhere.

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