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Anderson Falls near Hartsville Indiana

Anderson Falls 

Anderson Falls is about 14 feet high and 100 feet wide and is part of a small nature preserve of 44 acres. The area is one of many that seem to pop up in the middle of no where in Indiana that is rather rugged, scenic and rather lonely. I love such areas but they are disappearing very quickly. The falls is located midway between Columbus and Greensburg, nearly two miles south of Hartsville.

I took this photo on July 2, 2010 and there was a decent amount of water for the purpose. Getting a good photo of this area is rather challenging during the summer.

Upstream view from Anderson Falls

Looking Upstream from Anderson Falls

Looking upstream from just above the falls. At this point, Falls Fork is flowing almost northward and this view is looking toward the southeast.

Two barns near Anderson Falls

Two Barns Near Anderson Falls

These two barns in Bartholomew county sit just a short ways from Anderson Falls and are rather picturesque.

Falls Fork Iron Bridge near Anderson Falls in Bartholomew county Indiana

Falls Fork Iron Bridge

This iron bridge is about 11 miles east-northeast of Columbus and less then one mile from Anderson Falls. It was built Ca. 1920 and is 103 feet long. This view is looking southwest and was taken on July 2 2010. 

Falls Fork iron bridge

Falls Fork Iron Bridge

A view through the other portal.


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