Brookville Buildings

Brookville is the county seat of Franklin county and has a population of around 3000. It is a very old town by Indiana standards and was first settled in 1804. It is located between the East and West forks of White river. Unless you head north, there are only three bridges to leave town. The courthouse is located near the south end of the commercial buildings of downtown and all of such is located on one street which is Main Street or Highway 1.

I will start this tour of Brookville with the courthouse which sits on the east side of Main street and continue south for a block, cross to the west side and then work our way north to Eight street. After crossing back to the east side of Main, we will continue south and return to the courthouse.

Main street runs north and south and is very busy. According to a lady that I spoke to a number of times during the day, this particular Saturday was abnormally busy. I am talking about solid traffic both ways and plenty of stop lights. It was virtually impossible to get a photo unless at a fortunate split second and even then it would need a lot of work. I  captured most if not all of the attractive original intact buildings and wish I could have done a better job of it. At any rate I hope you enjoy the trip and if you do....please let me know.

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Franklin county Indiana courthouse in Brookville.

Franklin County Courthouse

Located at 459 Main street, the courthouse is Neo-Classical in design and was not built from scratch so to speak. Some of the older courthouse exists but is basically not seen except for the tower. The rebuilding was done around 1910-12. I won't try to add any more to this subject.

This is a very tough subject to capture and it took quite a while to do so as there was traffic stopped or moving in both directions not to mention the obstacles in the way. This view is looking to the northeast and was taken on September 25, 2010.

Courthouse in Brookville Indiana.

Courthouse Tower Detail

This is the oldest part of the courthouse that can be seen as I understand it. I am a sucker for towers and just had to show a closeup view.

Old jail in Brookville Indiana

Old Jail

Looking southeast at the old jail that was built in 1883. It sits on the southeast corner of Main & 4th streets  just south of the courthouse.

Old jail in Brookville Indiana

Old Jail

Another view of the jail looking northeast. The sign mentions Abram Hammond a former governor born in 1814 that lived on this site as a boy in the "old Yellow Tavern", part of which was a block house built in 1808.

The J. Bunz building in Brookville Indiana

J. Bunz Building

This old commercial building sits just south of the jail. It is now the K of C building. I eliminated the ugly and gaudy lettering on the front....figured nothing looked better. I didn't take out the dodad at the left, probably should have. Come on guys surely something can be done with this building!

An old Federal styled commercial building in Brookville Indiana

Old Federal Commercial Building

This building sits south of the Bunz building shown above and was probably built in the 1840's.

Old Federal styled building in Brookville Indiana

Old Building at 3rd & Main Streets

This old Federal building at 300 Main was built around 1840. This view is looking northeast. We will now cross Main street and work our way north on the west side of the street.

There is a business to the right, out of sight in this photo that is attached to a wonderful large mansion. I will show it later under the Brookville Homes category.

Old building at 320 Main street in Brookville Indiana

 320 Main Street

This old building still has the old 1940's siding (of which I absolutely despise) on it. Perhaps not noteworthy enough to show but for that reason.

An old building and home in Brookville Indiana

An old Commercial Building & Home

These two structures made for a nice view. Both were probably built in the 1840's. Located on the west side of Main across from the J. Bunz building. The building shown above can be seen to the left.

Italianate commercial buildings in Brookville Indiana

Italianate Commercial Buildings

These buildings in the 400 block of Main sit across from the courthouse of which I climbed several steps trying to get as high above the traffic as I could. It took two photos to actually end with this final image. I didn't attempt any photos of the rest of the buildings in this block due to the very heavy traffic.

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