Brookville Buildings


Rosenburger Market

Located at 650 North Main. I thought these second story bay windows were interesting with the morning sunlight.

Italianate Building at 656 North Main in Brookville Indiana

 656 North Main

This building north of Rosenberger Market was built circa 1880.

I talked to the lady in the photo a number of times during the day. She is a lifelong residence of Brookville and told me of a few places to photograph.

Italianate Building at 7th & Main in Brookville Indiana

 Building at 7th & Main

Located next to the building shown above, it dates to about 1880 also. I like this old building especially the upper facade. I made a few minor changes and wish I had made a couple more.

Building at 714 North Main in Brookville Indiana

 714 North Main

This old building serves as a photography studio now. It dates to around 1895.

Building at 734 North Main in Brookville Indiana

734 North Main

This Neo-Classical building was built around 1915.

740-744 North Main

This commercial building sits across the alley from the one above and was built around 1890.

This is the last commercial building I will show on the west side of Main Street. We will now cross the street and work our way back south to the courthouse.

Public library in Brookville Indiana

Public Library

Before continuing south on Main at 7th street, here is a view of the library two blocks north in the 900 block of North Main. It was built in 1912 in the Neo-Classical style.

Buildings at 7th & Main in Brookville Indiana

Northeast Corner of 7th & Main

The red brick building is the C.F. Robinson building built in 1913. On the old block building is a photo of the Robinson building before the block building was built.

Building at 617 North Main in Brookville Indiana

617 North Main

I would imagine this was a beautiful home before it went commercial.

Building at 563 North Main in Brookville Indiana

563 North Main

This old Federal styled house built around 1840 sure caught my eye. I love this angle of it with the stairway and other buildings and I will admit that I took the sign in front out of the photo.

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