Brookville Buildings


547 North Main, Brookville Indiana

547 North Main

This building is the second one south of the previous building on page 3. It was built around 1905.

515 North Main, Brookville Indiana

515 & 525 North Main

I am guessing at the 525 address. This fine old building was built around 1880 and as you can see, the second story windows have been bricked up.

501 North Main, Brookville Indiana

501 North Main

Neo-Classical in style, this building was built around 1915. This is the last of the buildings on Main Street that I am showing. Just a few buildings to the right in this photo after crossing the street and we will have returned to the courthouse.
Franklin County Seminary

Franklin County Seminary

Built in 1829-30, it was purchased by the town of Brookville in 1863. It was used for school purposes until 1873. Booth Tarkington, distinguished Indiana author attended school here. It is located on East 5th Street.

Old Brookville Cemetary

Old Brookville Cemetery

I don't know anything about this cemetery but it does make for a picturesque view for the subject matter. I took out a few things though, like the chain link fence. It is located in the 300 block of East 10th street.

Old Brookville HIgh School

Old Brookville High School

Built in1912 and serves as storage for Franklin county records as I was told. This was also the site of the Brookville College that was built in 1852 and used for that purpose until 1872. The original building was purchased by the city of Brookville and used as a public school until it was razed in 1912 to make way for this present building.

The is the end of the old buildings in Brookville at this time. I believe I might have missed a couple behind the courthouse.

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