Map of Indiana Showing Centerville

Centerville is a small town near the center of Wayne county with an interesting history. It was the second county seat until it lost out to Richmond in the 1870's after a long battle. The first county seat was Salisbury which is now extinct. It was located on the Old National Road (US 40) between Centerville and Richmond. The old log courthouse was moved many times and now is located in Centerville. For an interesting read on the history of this area and some photos, got to this website.

While Centerville has a good number of Federal styled structures for it's small size, there always seemed to be a distinct difference between it and the other small historic towns along US 40 in Indiana in my mind from the past visits of many years ago. This difference is the open arched tunnel entrances to some of the properties. The reason for this is explained in the website listed in the previous paragraph.

At this time I have 36 photographs of Centerville to show. I wish had more but this was the last town of a long day of capturing US 40. Due to either the lighting, the many vehicles that get in the way or the lack of time, I was limited. I will begin the tour of Centerville on US 40, one and a half blocks east of the main intersection (and the only stoplight I believe) of US40 & Morton Streets. We will proceed west on US 40 to the far west side of town and then visit a few places on the north side and then finish with a few on the south side. I hope you enjoy the photographs.

I would like to add that a good way to get a feel for the town or any others is to Google them using the "Street View". The map of course will help with where the streets and buildings are located which would greatly if you ever wished to visit sometime.

Mansion House

Located at 212 East Main, Mansion House was a inn, tavern and stagecoach station and dates back to 1837. The office of the Western Stage Company was located here where an exchange of horses was made and also served as a gathering place for news of the outside world.

It sits on the north side US 40 between 1st & 2nd Streets, one and a half blocks east of the stoplight at Morton Street. This view taken on May 29, 2010 is looking toward the northwest.

Mansion House

This is view is to the northeast and shows part of the old log courthouse that originally was located in Salisbury.

Old Salisbury Courthouse 

The original Wayne county courthouse. It was built in 1811 and reconstructed here in 1952. It is the only original log courthouse left in the Old Northwest Territory. Looking north in this view.

Old Salisbury Courthouse

A closer view of the log courthouse.

Old Salisbury Courthouse

A rear view of the old log courthouse looking southwest, taken on May 29, 2010.

Federal Styled Building

Here is one of the  buildings with an arched tunnel entryway. It is located on the south west corner East US 40 & 1st street, one half block west of the log courthouse. This view is looking to the southeast.

There are a few interesting buildings  between this one and Morton street, one block to the west but I wasn't able to get good photographs of them. The building across US 40 from this one appears to be an old school converted to government use. I guess it slipped my mind to get a photograph before I left the area.

Federal Styled Building

A closer look at the entryway.

US 40 & North Morton Streets  Northwest Corner

At the main intersection of US 40 & Morton, only the northwest and southwest corners have interesting old buildings. The Corner structure housed the I.O.O.F. lodge on the third floor and was  built in 1860. The second floor was residences and first floor has housed a variety of businesses including a barber shop, grocery store, dry goods, and now an antique store.

I especially like the middle Italianate building in this view because the lower part appears fairly original.
It once housed a drug store. For such a small town, Centerville seems to be active most of the times I am there and I would love to be able to spend more time visiting. This view of the north side of US 40 is looking to the northwest.
US 40 & North Morton Streets  Northwest Corner

Another view of the old corner building and the old buildings on the west side of North Morton Street. This view is looking northwest. Later, I show another view of these buildings looking to the southwest.

US 40 & South Morton Streets Southwest Corner

Another string of fine old buildings looking to the southwest. I particularly like the red brick Italianate for it's originality and the one to the right of it for the arched entry of which I will show later.

The corner building was the American House, a hotel and store for a long time kept by Samuel Hannah. It was built around 1835.

This photo was taken on May 29, 2010.

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