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Saddle Shop

Across West Main Street diagonally toward the west from the last buildings shown on page 2 sits this structure. It was built for a Mr. O.F. Cunningham who was brought in by Daniel Lantz.  It didn't have an address posted and on May 29, 2010 when the photograph was taken, it was for sale.

Daniel Lantz House

Daniel Lantz was a well established wagon maker and business man and left on April 2, 1850 to seek his fortune in gold. He got sick a few months later and died. The house is across the alley from the saddle shop shown above. This is an afternoon view looking to the northwest.

Daniel Lantz House

A morning view of the home looking north, a fine example of a Federal house with an arched entryway.

Daniel Lantz House

Another morning view looking northeast of the Lantz house located at 214 West Main Street.

A Frame Federal House

A nice old home next to the Lantz House. This view taken in the afternoon is looking to the northeast.

Lantz House & House Shown Above

A view of the last two homes shown together. A very picturesque town.

Two Story Frame House

This house sits across from the red house above and about fifty feet farther to the west. An interesting old house with an Italianate influence and the look of a saltbox with a lot of gingerbread added. It sits on the southeast corner of West Main and Ash streets. This view is looking southeast in the afternoon.

Oliver P. Morton House

This large home is located one block west of the one shown above at West Main and Willow Grove Road. It was the home of Oliver Morton the Governor of Indiana during the American Civil War.

This view is looking southeast during the afternoon. This completes the tour of Main Street.

North Morton Avenue - West Side

We will now take a look at a few places on the north side of Centerville. At the far left side of this view is the large three story building that sits on the northwest corner of Main and Morton, the center of town, of which was shown on page 1 the second view from the bottom. This view is looking southwest during the morning. The old buildings on the east side of North Morton in this block are missing due to "Progress".

Federal Styled Building

A complete view of the building on the right in the photograph above. It is interesting to see what was once there in the past. Looking southwest.

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