Connersville Buildings


Old building facade in Connersville Indiana

608 North Central Avenue

The upper part of the facade is interesting. One just needs to ignore the bottom.....unless you are entering the building course.

616 North Central Avenue Connersville Indiana

616 North Central Avenue

Again the upper facade is nice but not the bottom. I believe the address is wrong on the door.

Blum building in Connersville Indiana

The Blum Bilding

The Blum Building built in 1902 is one of my favorite commercial buildings in Connersville. When I return the second time to take photos on September 25, 2010, I was able to capture all of the facade as well as the Chrismer building below. The first last May it was cloudy and the festival that was going on interfered.

1902 Blum Building in Connersville Indiana

Blum Building - Upper Facade Detail

A closeup of the Blum building  showing some of the beautiful detail work and the handsome bay window. 


Chrismer building in Connersville Indiana

Chrismer Building

The Crismer Building built in 1902 has some very some nice detail work. It appeares this might have housed a theatre.

1902 Cristmer building in Connersville Indiana

Chrismer Building - Upper Facade Detail

A closeup of the Chrismer building. Hopefully it will receive a paint job and restoration at the bottom sometime soon.


Connersville Indiana Post Office

Post Office

A nice looking post office and I only took out a few minor objects. It is located a  block and a  half north of the buildings shown above on the western side Central Avenue. We will now head back toward the courthouse.

Old building facade in Connersville Indiana

A Central Avenue Upper Facade

This building sits on the southwest corner of North Central and 7th Street,  one block south of the post office and three blocks north of the courthouse. I like the upper facade of this building and the gargoyles are interesting.


Gargoyle in Connersville Indiana

Gargoyle Closeup

Here is a closeup view of  the gargoyle at the corner of the building.


Art Deco building in Connersville Indiana

Art Deco Building

This interesting structure sits on the northwest corner of 6th & Central Avenue, one block south of the building shown above. This the last building of the Central Avenue tour. We will step around the corner to the left in this photo and visit the building shown below.

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