When visiting new Counties anywhere, I am always hopping to see an old courthouse along with the square. The more original....the better. My favorite are the ones built in the 1800's and with towers, domes or cupolas in particular. I will show those that go into the 1930's but that is the limit.


Boone county Indiana courthouse

Boone County - Lebanon

This courthouse built of Indiana limestone was built from 1909 to 1911 and boasts of the largest single piece limestone pillars in the world, at least at the time of construction. They are over thirty five feet tall and four feet plus in diameter and has somewhat of a classical Greek appearance. For more views of it, click Here.

Clinton county Indiana courthouse

Clinton County - Frankfort

Looking southwest at the beautiful Clinton County courthouse built in 1882. It boasts of a large domed clock tower and statuary. For more views,  click Here.

Decatur County - Greensburg

This is the well known courthouse in Greensburg with the tree growing on it’s tower. The Decatur County courthouse was built in the late 1850′s and they finally decided to built an addition onto it rather than demolish it. I first viewed this courthouse and tree in 1954 on the way to Kentucky with my father, I was eight years old and never forgot it.

This view is looking northwest and was taken on Tuesday afternoon December 1, 2009. For a closeup view of the tower and tree, click Here

Fayette County - Connersville

This is a view looking north-northwest of the old Fayette County courthouse, the new part added about four years ago is toward the left. Parts of the second courthouse built in 1849 still exist as it was added to and changed through the years. The old courhouse was drastically changed in 1890 to it’s general appearance of the present. For a zoomed in view of the tower, click Here.


Hamilton county Indiana courthouse

Hamilton County - Noblesville

This beautiful county courthouse in Noblesville was built in 1879 in the French Renaissance style. The old jail can be seen to the right, partially hidden by the courthouse.

This was my county seat when I turned eighteen and I have some good memories of this area. This courthouse was also my second one to draw many years ago of which I did in pen & ink with much detail. This view is looking to the southwest on the morning of April 2, 2010. A closeup of the tower can be seen Here.


Hancock county Indiana courhouse

Hancock County - Greenfield

The Hancock County courthouse was built circa 1898. This is an early morning view  taken on November 8th, 2009 looking southwest.


Lawrence County - Bedford

Looking south at the courthouse on the evening of June 29, 2010.


Randolph County - Winchester

This was once a beautiful Second Empire courthouse built from 1875-77with a Mansard roof and towers. In the fifties it lost it's handsome towers, probably because of neglect. Now...there are those (county commissioners of course) that would like to remove the rest of it.

I wish these..."whatevers" would develop some type of mind set other than to tear everything down. Keeping a structure in good repair is less expensive than otherwise. I can't understand what "Right" a few have over so many in being so destructive. Thankfully there are some in Winchester with some sense of history and how we are quickly losing it.

There are more views of the monument Here.
Ripley county Indiana courthouse

Ripley County - Versailles

This courthouse was built during the Civil war. I will try for a better view later.

Rush county Indiana courthouse

Rush County - Rushville

A nice morning shot of this  Romanesque Revival Courthouse which was built in the late 1890's. This view is looking southwest on May 15, 2010.

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