Covered Bridges

Only two states, Pennsylvania and Ohio have more covered bridges than Indiana. Of the 600 plus bridges that were built in the state, only ninety are left. I first became interested in them  in the mid sixties and have done a good number of drawings of them. Now I am trying to get some good decent photos before it is too late for the remaining ones.


Stockheughter Covered Bridge

Stockheughter  Covered Bridge - Franklin County

This 102' long bridge was built in 1877 over Salt Creek. It is located 15 miles southwest of Brookville the county seat and 1 mile east of Enochsburg. This view is looking southeast in the late afternoon.

Stockheughter Covered Bridge

 Stockheughter  Covered Bridge - Franklin County

This side shot of the bridge looking northeast is one of my favorite covered bridge photos that I have taken. The timing was nearly perfect and I took it after a long day at Aurora. I had only one other subject to capture after leaving here, that being an old stone arch bridge just a short ways from here. This photo was taken in late afternoon on August 26, 2010.

Offutt Ford Covered Bridge

Offutt Ford Covered Bridge - Rush County

This covered bridge near Arlington was built by the Kennedy family in 1884. It is about 101 feet long crossing over Little Blue river and is six miles northeast of Rushville. This view is of the southeast portal.

Offutt Ford Covered Bridge

Another View of the Covered Bridge

A side view with the Little Blue river showing the peaceful area it sits in. These photos were taken on May 25, 2009.

Forsythe Covered Bridge

Forsythe Covered Bridge - Rush County

This covered bridge is 7.5 miles southwest of Rushville and only 2.5 miles northeast of where the Moscow covered bridge was. This scene which looks to the northwest seems bare to me without the large trees that stood to the left of the bridge. There was a large round barn just to the right in this view that was taken out in a tornado about twenty years ago.

First Span of the New Moscow Covered Bridge

Moscow Covered Bridge - Rush County

Here is the first span of the new/old Moscow covered bridge in place! It happened on April 29th, five days before this photo was taken. I had a feeling the night before to go check how they were coming along but I went somewhere else. I sure would have liked capturing those moments. Before the tornado you would not have been able to see any of the bridge from this view point. This view is looking toward Moscow.

Potter's Covered Bridge - Hamilton County

Potter’s bridge was built in 1870-1871 by Josiah Durfee. This view shows the south portal and east side.

A 66 acre park now surrounds the park which also contains the White River Greenway Trail which leads back to Noblesville and beyond.

Another View of the Covered Bridge

A view of the west side. All of the photos were taken on April 2, 2010.

Guilford Covered Bridge

This 104' long covered bridge was built in 1879 by Archibald M. Kennedy and sons. This photo was taken on September 25, 2010. For another view and more information, please go here


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