Decatur County


Abandoned railroad trestle piers

Old Abandoned Railroad Trestle Piers Near Hope

I was rather fascinated  seeing these old piers and believe me I would have loved to hike back in there for a better photo but it was posted private property.You can see one had been repaired and much of the first one is missing. The viaduct had to have been a very long one to reach to the rise behind me when taking this photo.

Old barn

An Old Barn Near Greensburg

An old barn of several near Greensburg. The top of the silo is missing as with most barns it seems.  This morning shot  was on September 14, 2009. 

Old barn with silo

Another View of the Barn

This an afternoon shot of the barn shown above.

An old barn

An Old Barn Near Greensburg

This barn sits a short way behind the one above.

A view of three barns

Three Barns

This view shows the two barns above and a third to the left. There is a stream running through the farm before you reach the distant barn.

An old barn scene

An Old Barn Southwest of Greensburg

Here is a wide view of this scene, I wish could have included more such as the large trees along the road to the right and the building across the road. I usually do not like odd buildings and other items in my photos, but this one was different. I remember this area from forty years or so ago and it evokes nostalgic memories for me.

An old barn

A Closer Look at the Barn

Not as large or grand as many but attractive.

Old barn and large trees

Another View of the Barn

I like the old line of trees in this photo. I normally don't like road signs in my photo but this sort of added to the scene.

Bean field with a barn

A Bean Field in September

Near St. Paul, this is a beautiful area.

Old barn

Closeup view of the Barn Shown Above

View of the barn shown in the distance above. I am not sure of the date, probably 1899 or 1909. Photos were taken on September 14, 2009.

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