Decatur County


Italianate farm house

A Brick Italianate Farmhouse

A nice old sturdy farmhouse northwest of Greensburg.


Old barn

An Old Barn in the Morning Light

This barn is on the same farm as the home shown above.


Old barn with silo

Another View of the Barn Above

As you can see, this barn was built in 1894. It is a good view but I wish could have taken it in the afternoon.


Farm Outbuildings on the Same Farm

I like this view in the morning sun but didn't show it on my blog because I would have had to crop some of it in order to be large enough.


Old abandoned rural building

An Abandoned Rural Building

I'm not sure what this old structure was used for....a school or church. Parts of it suggest it could be either.

Abandoned rural building

Another View of the Abandoned Buildiing 

A view looking  showing an old shed I supposeā€¦part of the wall is missing. The way the far end is constructed I first thought it might be something else. At least they are being saved for the time being.

Old rural building

A Rural Abandoned Building

From this angle it appears perhaps to have been a school.


Closeup view of abandoned rural building

A Closeup View of the Side

A closeup view of the old door and windows. All photos of this building were taken on a late summer afternoon, September 14, 2009.

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