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Federal Styled Double Residence in Dublin Indiana

Federal Home

A two story brick federal styled residence looking southeast.

Federal Styled House in Dublin Indiana

Federal Home

Here is another view of the home shown above looking toward the southwest.

Brick Italianate House in Dublin Indiana

Italianate Home

A nice Italianate house on the southwest corner of Hy40 and Morton Street. Looking to the southeast.

Italianate House in Dublin Indiana

Italianate Home

Looking toward the southwest at the Italianate house shown above.

Wesleyan Methodist Church in Dublin Indiana

Wesleyan  Methodist Church

A nice looking old church, looking southwest in the morning.

J. Burney's Carriage Shop in Dublin Indiana

J. Burney's Carriage Shop (formerly)

This is a great old building, so much of it looking original. I would like to have been able to get a good photograph of the building  next to it also. Both are on the far east side of town.

Friends Meeting House in Dublin Indiana

Friends Meeting House

A very fine old building with the Italianate brackets. Located on west Maple street just one block south and a block and a half from the first old house shown on page 1. This view is looking to the northwest in the early evening.

This concludes the tour of Dublin Indiana for now.

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