Old Stoney

"Old Stoney" - City Building

This large stone building with a magnificent tower known as “Old Stoney” located at 310 East Clinton street, was originally the Frankfort high school. It was built in 1892 in the Romanesque Revival style and cost all of $50,000 to construct. Of course that was with “Real Money”. This view is looking to the southeast from the East Clinton street bridge.

Old Stoney in Frankfort Indiana

"Old Stoney" - City Building

Another view from the East Walnut street bridge looking northeast. The school caught fire in 1922 and only the stone was left. Fortunately it was rebuilt and opened again in 1926.

Old Stoney tower detail

"Old Stoney" - City Building

As I have mentioned before…I love towers and this is a beauty! I read that it was built of Silverwood Sand Stone from Ohio. I wonder what the tower room was used for originally. No doubt one of the most well known graduates of this school is Will Geer, the actor known as ‘Grandpa Walton’ of the Walton’s TV fame.

These photos  of "Old Stoney"were taken on May 6, 2010.


East Washington Street Stone Arch Bridge

This view of Prairie creek and the stone arch bridge as well as ‘Old Stoney’ caught my attention many years ago and remained in my memory. I will admit I had to clean up this view in the distance a bit, but it is still great to be able to see such a view in a downtown area. It reminds me of the old iron bridge along with a foot bridge in Paoli that sits just one block from the courthouse.

Washington street bridge in Frankfort Indiana

East Washington Street Stone Arch Bridge - Closeup

A closeup view of the bridge. These photographs were taken in the afternoon of May 6, 2010.These photos to the north was shot from the Clinton street bridge as was the first view of "Old Stoney".

Frankfort Indiana building murals

Frankfort Building Murals

Part of the block to the northwest of the courthouse is a small park or resting area. There is a small gazebo in the middle offering shade and a different type of view. There are murals painting on two buildings, one to the north and the other to the west.

Seen here is the one to the north, the building faces North Main.

Mural on the North Building

Looking across the park area from near Washington Street. The walkway leads right to the gazebo.

North Building Mural Closeup

A pictorial history of the town and historical figures.

Frankfort Building Murals

Here is a view of both murals looking west from North Main Street. The distant one being what I call the "West Mural". A nice little open area but I wonder what stood here originally.

Mural on building in Frankfort Indiana

West Building Mural

A closeup view of part of the mural.

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