C.M. Pratt house in Frankfort Indiana

C.M. Pratt Home?

There it is, the small little something that every house should have....your very own turret and tower! Especially if you own a stone castle. This view looks to the southeast.

So.....did Mr. Pratt really steal all of  the stone to build this house? It would be interesting to know more about him in Standard Oil and the Railroad. Some very interesting history.


C.M. Pratt house in Frankfort Indiana

C.M. Pratt Home? - Tower Detail

Almost a good closeup view.....I somehow failed to get the bottom of the turret where it comes out of the wall.

Victorian home in Frankfort Indiana

A Fancy Old Home on East Clinton

This is a nice old home with a lot of  extras..., a great porch and check out those chimneys. It is located one block south and a couple of blocks east of the Pratt House. We will work our way back toward downtown.

Victorian house in Frankfort Indiana

Another Great Old Home on Clinton

This is one of the best  in Frankfort, if not the best! It has somewhat of a tower in front with a finial on top, bay windows and a very attractive porch or perhaps Veranda would be the term. I would have loved to have been to get a photo of the front and other side but a large tree and a truck hindered doing so.

Queen Anne house in Frankfort Indiana

Another Towered House on Clinton

A tower with finial, fish scale siding and other features help make this house.

Queen Anne house

Another Beautiful Home on Clinton

Frankfort must be the town of fabulous porches! This view brings us back to within a half block of "Old Stoney".

This is end of the tour of Frankfort for now, I hope you have enjoyed it. If you have, please drop me a comment and let me know. It would be encouraging  to know someone is enjoying my efforts. If I ever get to Frankfort again with some time I would like to get photos of the Pratt home after it is restored and  there are a few other buildings to try for also.

This is the end of the tour of Frankfort.

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