Gothic Revival

Gothic Revival styled architecture was popular from about the 1830's to the 60's. In Indiana it was in the height of popularity in the 1850's and perhaps the early 60's.  Some of the  characteristics were steep pitched slate roofs, wall dormers, bay windows and gingerbread vergeboards along the eaves and gable edges.


Gothic Revival House - Henry County

This is a handsome Gothic Revival in Knightstown about 33 miles east of Indianapolis. Although not  much of it can be seen,  you can still note the steep roof and the gingerbread trim on the gables and eave. This photo was taken on a  beautiful day, November 28, 2009.

Gothic Revival House - Hancock County

This house in Greenfield is not as fancy as the one above and is probably older by more  than a decade. Again, a steep roof and gingerbread vergeboard along the eaves and gable edges.


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