A map of Indiana Showing Greenfield located.

Greenfield is the county seat of Hancock county and has a population of around 15,000.

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Hancock County Indiana Courthouse

Hancock County Courthouse

The Hancock County courthouse was built circa 1898. This is an early morning view  taken on November 8th, 2009 looking southwest.

Randall Building in Greenfield Indiana

Northside of the Courthouse Square Showing the West End

Looking north at the Randall Building on the corner Hy40 and State Street.

Randall building in Greenfield Indiana, looking northeast.

Randall Building

Another view of the Randall building looking northeast. It is empty now but I do remember when it was being refurbished inside for Greenfield Banking. A couple of friends were doing the heating and cooling duct work. Meanwhile, I was one block to the east doing an ink drawing of the courthouse. This was during the summer of 1979.

Randall Building Detail in Greenfield Indiana.

Randall Building Detail

I couldn't resist showing the beautiful detail of this building in the morning sun. The domed roof of the turret was lost (?) in the 1980′s, I do not know how that could happen.

Courthouse square in Greenfield Indiana - North Side

North Side of the Courthouse Square Showing the East End

This view shows the east end of the northside of the courthouse square. The banking building to the left is rather nondescript to me but the L.C. Thayer building to the right is still quite a bit intact.  This photo  was taken from the courthouse lawn.

L.C. Thayer building in Greenfield Indiana

L.C. Thayer Building

The Thayer building looking northwest from East Street. The old Riley hotel stood where the Thayer building is now. It was a large four story Romanesque building and really stood out from the crowd so to speak. 

Greenfield Indiana Courthouse Square - East Side.

East Side of the Courthouse Square

Looking southeast at the east side of the square. The fourth building from the left with the tower is the old jail and it completes the block. This photo was taken on March 6, 2010 and the dirty snow is still lingering. I need to replace this photo. 

Greenfield Indiana Courthouse Square - East Side

East Side of the Courthouse Square Showing the North End

Looking north on East Street across Main. The buildings on the right are the north half of the east side of the square  and  the Herald Building is the  one in the middle. The courthouse is to the left out of sight and the Thayer building is on the left side. 

Herald Building in Greenfield Indiana

Herald Building

This is the herald building, the second from Main street. A very attractive building for the date it was built.

Herald building Detail in Greenfield Indiana

Herald Building Gable Detail

Some decorative brick and stone work and a view of the  Name and Date.

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