Towered House

This fine old home with a tower is at Pennsylvania and North Streets.

A Gothic styled house

Gothic Style House

This house at Pennsylvania and North Streets has a Gothic style in the central area.

Queen Anne House

Queen Anne House

This home sits a couple of houses or so west of the one shown above. It has the wrap around porch with the conical roof and the gingerbread work above. I like the roof and gable window treatment.

Wedding Chapel in Grenfield Indiana

A Wedding Chapel

This old church serves as a wedding chapel only I guess. I like my other view of it better that I took early in the year but as with most of my Greenfield photos they didn't come out the best. It takes a while to learn what the best settings are to achieve the best end results. I was still working on this when I took this photo on March 8, 2010.

Italianate house in Greenfield Indiana

 An Italianate Home

Back in the late 70's, I would take my walk at times along these homes on 5th street.

Old house in Greenfield Indiana

Another Fine Old Home

Moving westward, here is the next one.

Italianate house in Greenfield Indiana

Another Italianate Home

The best view of this Italianate home with a wrap around porch is in the afternoon of the other side, perhaps later.

Queen Anne home in Greenfield Indiana

Another Beautiful Home

West of the home shown above, it has a lot of gingerbread work.

Old log jail in Greenfield Indiana

The Old Log Jail

This old log jail was built in 1853 on the south side of public square. It was moved to Riley park in 1967. It is now a museum of pioneer life in the area. This view is looking north on April 23, 2009.

Old Philadelphia church in Greenfield Indiana

The Old Philadelphia Church

This was the old Methodist Episcopal church in Philadelphia. It was built in 1856 and moved to Riley park in 1991. This view is looking south-southwest.

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