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An old barn with hay bales

An Old Barn Near Westland

This barn is located six miles southeast of Greenfield near Westland. I choose this scene for my first Acrylic painting and included a small pond and group of cows to the right of the barn that is out of sight in this photo.

Another view of the barn below and also of the bull coming out of the barn of which I did not notice while taking the shot. After getting permission from the farmer to go into the gated area to get reference photos, I took a good number of shots, this one being my last and after turning and heading for the distant gate over a hundred feet away, I heard a noise behind me.

An old barn

Another View of the Barn

When I turned, here was this bull walking at me. I immediately thought I was done for and not knowing what else to do…turned and started walking slowly for the gate. Again I heard the noise, stopped and turned around. Then I realized that very time I stopped he would stop. So…on to the gate we went. The farmer noticed us when I was close to the gate and yelled….it is ok…he just likes to play! In thinking about this a little later…I burst out in laughter and said…but he is too big to play with! Other bulls I have noticed did not like me around and were about to charge and that was when I was by the road. Lucky for me that the friendly one was the one that could have got me good.

Iron bridge

An Old Iron Bridge on the Hancock-Rush County LIne

This iron bridge is 204′ long and was built in 1916 by the Burk Construction company. Of the twenty or so iron bridges I remember seeing in Hancock county back in the seventies, this and one other are only ones left. This is sad, I will never be convinced all had to come down. I also would not be surprised if there were some kickbacks somewhere.


Wetlands Near Greenfield

A small wetlands near where I live. This is the left half so to speak taken on November 5, 2009.

Wetlands in Autumn

Wetlands Near Greenfield

Here is the right half taken on October 26, 2009. A very peaceful place considering everything. Now that I can display wider images than I could on my blogs, I may get around to posting a panorama of this scene sometime.

One romm school house

A One Room School House

This old one room school house “District #9” was built in 1898 and is located six miles southeast of Greenfield. I remember this school from nearly thirty years ago, it was in fairly good condition and the bell tower was complete. Now, it is just a matter of time…rather sad, like loosing a friend. This view is looking northwest.

Abandoned commercial building

Abandoned Commercial Building in Charlottesville

I love to drive on Hy40, the old National Road, a four lane divided highway with scarcely any traffic due to the interstate nearby replacing it. I put the speed control on 50-55 mph and then sit back relax and enjoy the scenery especially after spending the day taking photos. Rather enjoyable looking at the countryside at a slower speed, occasionally slowing down while driving through the small quaint towns. The old building shown above is one of many that I have observed for decades and would miss it if it were gone. It is located eight miles east of Greenfield and is rather ornate for such a small town that you could almost miss noticing. This view looks to the northeast.

Abandoned commercial building in Charlottesville Indiana
Side View of the Building Shown Above

As you can see, it was a place to purchase tires at one time…probably has an interesting history. Both photos were taken on May 21, 2009.

Old dairy barn

An Old Stone Dairy Barn

This old barn built in 1911 is actually built of very large and thick concrete blocks. They look so much like stone that even I being a former block layer could easily be fooled, as least from a distance. Only a other small outbuilding exists not far from it, the old house suffered from arson about eight years ago.

I promised the owner I would not disclose the location and I cannot blame him. I took photos from all angles and some closeups of which I posted many on my blog as a "Walk Around". Too many my friend told me....so, here are a couple of views. I will eventually redo them so they will be of better quality.

This view looks to the southwest.

Old concrete block dariry barn

An Old Stone Dairy Barn

Here is another view of it looking east.

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