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Wilkerson public school

Wilkinson Public School

This old school was built in 1904 and sits on the west side of Wilkinson. The old ‘newer’ addition on the left still stands also but has it’s large windows missing. This photo was taken  November 28, 2009 and is looking southwest.


Later Note:  This old school is now gone.

Old school in Wilkerson Indiana

Another View of the School

This view is looking northwest. I was headed somewhere else  to take photos but wasn’t allowed on the property so I ended up in Wilkeinon, Shirley and Knightstown. I was rather excited about finding this old school as so many of them are gone. I have some closeup views that I will post later.

Wilderson school tower

Wilkinson Public School - Tower

I just had to include this view being a tower man and it also includes the title and date stone.

An old fencerow in winter

An Old Fence row in Winter

Every once in a while I will include a scene and fewer yet, one during the winter unless it is close to home. This old fence row  has gone for years without clearing and there is a fence in there somewhat intact. This is a ways in back of where I live near Greenfield and the distant small woods is my tromping ground. It was a cold breezy day and I had my new camera with me in hopes of finding some good closeup views in the woods. I realized after posting this that I had not thought to use the snow mode and still haven’t. I guess I am too much into manual settings.

Old leaves in winter

Last Year's Leaves Hanging On

Ragged leaves from last year and I was rather happy with this shot. This was the last photo I took on this particular walk, it was cold and windy, and the snow was fairly deep but thanks to the tilt LCD on my camera, I didn’t have to sit in the snow to get this. This and the photo above were taken on February 1, 2009.

A snowy winter day

A Snowy December Day

This scene of farm fields is about 100 feet or so from the wetlands shown on page 1 and was taken on December 19, 2009.

Shirley Indiana railroad depot

Railroad Depot in Shirley

The railroad tracks are gone but the old depot still stands and is now used as a museum. This view is looking west and part of an octagonal house can be seen behind the depot to the right.

Railroad depot in Shirley Indiana

Another View of the Depot

A straight on view looking north-northwest. Both photos of the depot were taken on November 28, 2009.

Octagonal house

Octagonal House in Shirley

I first saw this house about thirty years ago, it was located a couple miles or so from Shirley in the middle of no where a good distance from the road. It wasn’t in very good shape then and I was hopping it would be saved. The way I understand it, a group of men bought this large piece of property and moved the house here and restored it. It very seldom seems the same after a structure has been moved but it is a great alternative. As you can see it is decked out for Christmas.

I  would like to see the interior of one of these houses.  This view is looking northwest. These photos were taken on November 28, 2009.

Old abandoned farmhouse

An Old Abandoned House

This old house sits a few miles southeast of Greenfield.  I love the old tree…it adds a lot to the view. This was on the morning of March 19, 2010.

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