State House

This beautiful Neo Classical Revival building was finished in 1888 and has been the seat of Indiana government ever since. It is built of Indiana limestone and has a good amount of relief sculpture and statuaries. The main entrance on Capitol Avenue faces east toward the Soldiers & Sailors monument,  two blocks away.

I will be listing several pages of photos showing the interesting detail work on this old  building along with several statues. Some time in the future I hope to capture some views of the magnificent interior.


Indiana State house

Looking Southwest

A fine old building, unfortunately a great shot of this side  is impossible as one can not back away from it. The building extends to the right as it does to the left.

This photo and those following until mentioned otherwise were taken on September 12, 2010.

Eastern Facade

Here is a morning shot of the eastern Corinthian Portico and the beautiful dome.

Cupola and Dome Closeup

A closer look at the dome and carvings.


As with the monument, we will start at the top and work our way down with closeup views.


One of the many portholes located under the dome. I like the elaborate work surrounding a simple porthole. I did not think to take a closeup of one. Instead of reserving a space for one, I enlarged this one to show temporarily and that is why it is a bit blurry.

Relief Carvings

An overall view of the beautiful relief carvings in the portico gable.

Indiana State house

Carvings - A Closeup View

A closer view of the wonderful detailed sculpture that probably most people never notice or appreciate nowdays.

Eastern Entrance

This view also shows the statue of Oliver P. Morton, Governor of Indiana during the Civil War.

Relief Sculpture

In the stone walls to the left and right of the eastern entrance are relief sculptures of the Civil war. The is the one in the north wall.

Relief Sculpture

This is the one in the south wall showing the care of the wounded.

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