An early suburban town of Indianapolis, Irvington is now a historical district five miles east of downtown Indianapolis founded in 1870 by prominent abolitionist lawyers, Jacob Julian and Sylvester Johnson. Named for writer Washington Irving, the neighborhood was annexed by the city of Indianapolis in 1902.


Benton house in Irvington

Benton House

This home built in 1873 by Nicholas Ohmer is located at 312 south Downey Avenue. Dr. Benton and his wife, Silence lived here from 1880 to 1907. This view is looking west.

I have done two drawings of the home on location, one of which I sold prints for a while. I also participated in a small art show they held in the yard back in 1978. The interior is beautiful and home tours are available. This view is looking west.

Stephenson mansion in Irvington

Stephenson Mansion

This mansion was built in 1895 by William Graham but is known as the  Stephenson Mansion. He bought it  in 1923 and then  remodeled the home to resemble a Civil War era plantation house.  Stephenson was involved  with the Ku Klux Klan in Indiana.The mansion is located on East University Avenue just east of South Downey Avenue.

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Eudorus Johnson mansion

Eudorus Johnson Mansion

This house was built in 1876 and is located on the south circle of Irvington. The two towers, turret and bargeboards in the gables make this house distinctive. I have been familiar with this house since the seventies and on one occasion  at an estate sale and my brother bought the old player piano, I got to go inside.

Endorus Johnson mansion tower

Eudorus Johnson Mansion

A closeup view of the fancy and intricate tower.

George W. Julian mansion

George W. Julian Mansion

Located on South Audubon Avenue. love the cornice work on this mansion and for years I wondered if this brick Italianate styled home would be restored.

George W. Julian mansion

George W. Julian Mansion

A closeup view of the beautiful cornice work.


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