Union Station


The Head house shown in the photos was built in 1888 and is a good example of the  Richardsonian Romanesque  style. The very first "Union" station was built on this site and was opened for service on September 20, 1853. It is located on South Illinois Street.




Looking Southeast

Due to the latest modern changes in this area, it is now impossible to take a good photo of Union Station. Unless of course one would have a lift and permission of course. I had to take out a lot of miscellaneous objects to achieve this view.

Tower Detail

A tower closeup showing the various detail work that the Romanesque  style has to offer.

Large Turret

A closeup view of the west side turret showing the heavy stone work and conical roof.

Small Turrets

Another close detail view.

West Side Entry

This view shows the massive foundation stones, stone window lintel and belt course and the ornamental Terra cotta tiles.

This is the last of the detailed views I will show for now. Perhaps sometime I will be able to take more.


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