Iron Bridges


Old Iron Bridge on the County Line
Hancock & Rush Counties

This iron bridge is 204′ long and was built in 1916 by the Burk Construction company. Of the twenty or so iron bridges I remember seeing in Hancock county back in the seventies, this and one other are only ones left.

Iron Bridge Near Downeyville
Decatur County

An old iron bridge built in 1913 by the Central States Bridge Company of Indianapolis. It is located about eight miles northwest of Greensburg near Downeyville. The bridge is 101 feet long and this view shows the southeast portal. These old “Ironies” are becoming rare as so many of them are being replaced.

Mound Road Iron Bridge - Near St. Paul
Shelby County

Years ago one would come across a ‘special’ iron bridge every so often…long and high above the water, more than one span and in rough country. Now…you do well to find an iron bridge unless you have a source of their location. This old iron bridge on Mound Road, one half mile southwest of St. Paul is this sort of bridge. This view looking east shows the bridge as you come to it heading south from St. Paul.

 Another View of the Iron Bridge

This view looking north-northwest shows the gravel quarry behind this two span 167 foot long bridge. It has a grate floor instead of wood of which you can see through.

Looking West at the Iron Bridge

Looking west at the north side of the bridge. The bridge sits a little clockwise from a straight east-west position.

Underneath Shot of the Bridge

A good look of the pier and support beams of the bridge.

Huntsville Road Iron Bridge in Pendleton
Madison County

This bridge sits at or near the east edge of Falls Park. It was built around 1920 and is 121 feet long. This view is looking southeast.

Fall Fork Iron Bridge Near Anderson Falls
Bartholomew County

This iron bridge is about 11 miles east-northeast of Columbus and less then one mile from Anderson Falls. It was built Ca. 1920 and is 103 feet long.

Abandoned Iron Bridge in Milroy
Rush County

At the north edge of town on Railroad Street, sits this abandoned iron bridge. It was built in 1901 by the New Castle Bridge Company and is 94 feet long. The immediate area is overgrown and seems forgotten, the bridge is scarcely seen.

Another View of the Iron Bridge

An oblique underneath view showing the stone abutment and the Little Flatrock river.


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