Italianate Houses



A beautiful old home with the usual brackets under the eaves, long windows with stone lintels and low pitched roof. This one has an added wrap around porch with iron cresting and a finial atop a slightly domed area of the roof. I like the fancy chimney work and the nicely done paint job between the brackets. All in all though...I would rather see the natural brick. Located on West Main Street.


This home is located on Vine Street. The porch used to go across the front also.


This very nice home sits to the west of the home shown above.


The Charles Morgan Home, a beautiful Italianate home built in 1874. It sits on the northwest corner East Brown & North Adams.


A basic Italianate home but it appeals to me very much, perhaps it is the porch. Located on East Main Street.


Located on West Main Street. The porch and gazebo were later.

The Gerstner Home

Indianapolis  - Old Northside

This old home  was built in 1873 by Mr. Gerstner a German tailor.  Please note the matching carriage house at the rear of the property. It wasn’t until after the Civil War that homes such as this one started being built in the area.

Italianate House on Broadway Avenue

Indianapolis Old Northside

This  wood frame home sits on Broadway Avenue. It was a long time being restored and is now a very beautiful place. I got to tour the interior during a home show in the eighties.

Julian Johnson Home

Indianapolis - Irvington

For years I wondered if this brick Italianate styled home would be restored. It is a grand looking home now.


This old house appears to have been neglected for a very long time and probably won’t be around much longer. The rear extension is largely gone and sagging badly. Milroy is eight miles south of Rushville.


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