Elias Hinshaw house

Elias Hinshaw House

This house in the French Second Empire and Italianate style with the Mansard roof and tower, was built in 1883 or perhaps before. This view is ruined by a gas station to the right of the home of which I took out. It hid most of the old Town Hall in the distance. 

Elias Hinshaw house

Elias HInshaw House - Tower Detail 

A close look at the beautiful detail of the iron cresting, mansard roof  windows,  Italianate brackets and long windows.


Reserved Space for the Funeral Home 

Italianate house in Knightstown Indiana

Italianate Home at Main & Harrison

This Italianate house sits on the northwest corner. It would be great to see it with unpainted brick but it seems to have it’s own appeal. I wanted to show how the front corner juts out and becomes narrower as it does so. The later addition almost matches the overall style. This view is looking to the northwest.

Italianate house in Knightstown Indiana
Leonidas Perry Newby Home

I have long admired this beautiful Italianate home at 105 West Main Street with the large bay window extension. The home was built in 1882 and the Queen Anne styled gazebo porch really sets this house off with the matching conical roof and was probably added fifteen years or so later.  This view is looking to the southwest and was taken on November 7, 2009.

For a very interesting read about Mr. Newby.....go to this Page of Ed Knight's website.

Italianate house in Knightstown Indiana

A Rear View of the Home Above

Another look at the turret and the fine rear porch. A beautiful home and I  came close to receiving a commission to do a drawing of this home and I would have loved doing so.

Federal house

Large White Federal House

This beautiful old Federal style house with some additions greets you as you enter town from the west. It was probably built in the early 1840′s…perhaps earlier. This view is looking northwest.

Federal house in Knightstown Indiana

Another View of the Federal Home Above

Another view looking west-northwest. I like the treament of the steps.

Queen Anne house

Queen Anne House at Brown & Jefferson

This old home has seen it’s better days, however the new owners are restoring it and have been doing so for five years. They were working on it when I took the photos below and they invited me in for a look. They are doing an excellent job and are planning to keep it original with a few ‘better’ improvements. All of the plaster was off except in the entry way and four or five of the original fireplaces still exist. The owner said the house was started in 1894 and took quite a while to finish it. This photo was taken on Saturday afternoon, November 28, 2009. 

Queen Anne house in Knightstown Indiana

 Another View of the Queen Anne Above

This photograph was taken on Saturday morning, November 7, 2009. I imagine much work has been since this photo.

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