Italianate house

Charles Morgan Home

A beautiful Italianate home built in 1874 for Charles Morgan. It sits on the northwest corner East Brown & North Adams.

Knightstown Academy

Knightstown Academy

The Knightstown Academy was built around 1876 by the Quakers and is probably one of the best known landmarks in Knightstown. It is located on Cary street between Washington and Adams, two blocks north of the house shown above. This view is looking northwest.

Knightstown Academy

Knightstown Academy

A detail view of the telescope and globe that sit atop the four story towers. The building is in the French Second Empire style with a steep sided Mansard roof. These academy photos were taken on Saturday, November 28, 2009.

Old homes on North Washington street in Knightstown Indiana

Homes Along North Washington

Nice old homes line Washington Street across from the academy. The one to the left sits on the corner of North Washington and East Carey. It was built in 1914 in the Greek Revival-Classic style. 

This is the first posting of a wider view, sort of a panorama. One great reason why I prefer and enjoy the website over the blog. My original thought was to show the image completely across the page, but it is a bit too large.

Knightstown Indiana depot

Knightstown Depot

This view shows the depot and railroad cars to good advantage. There is an open area where I was standing and an old engine behind me to the left. This was the last stop I made toward the end of the day when I went to the west edge of Richmond taking many photos along Hy40.

Depot at Knightstown Indiana

Knightstown Depot

A closer view showing the west side of the building along with the old barn behind it. A triple treat of subject matter.

During the summer there are train excursions from here to Carthage. At the Carthage Depot, such as it is, there is a staged shotout which I understand is quite popular. It is held partually  in a friend's yard.

Washington street gazebo in Knightstown

Washington Street Gazebo

The first block of north Washington street is divided with an island that is landscaped with a gazebo, tables & benches, lamp poles and flowers. This view looks across the island to the northeast toward an old building on the east side of Washington. 

North Washington street in Knightstown Indiana

Washington Street Island

This view looking north-northeast from the island shows the north end of it. A very nice touch with the old street lamps. The towers of the knightstown Academy which were earlier can be seen in the distance.

Old commercial buildings in Knightstown Indiana

Old Commercial Buildings

A view looking northwest of the old Italianate commercial buildings on the west side of the first block of North Washington Street across from the Island. 

Old commercial buildings

Old Commercial Buildings

Looking southwest at the buildings shown above. Both photos were taken on November 7, 2009.

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