Old town hall in Knightstown Indiana

Old Town Hall

Located at 19 north Franklin street. It is in distance in the photo of the Elias Hinshaw Home on page 3. This view is looking northeast and was taken on Saturday morning, November 7, 2009.

Old town hall in Knightstown Indiana

Old Town Hall

I don’t believe I have ever seen a location that has more wires, they are everywhere it seems. This view is looking southeast.

Probasco home in Knightstown
Richard Probasco Home

Here is a beautiful French Second Empire home built in 1868 for Richard Probasco who was  a local dry goods merchant It is located at 130 North McCullum Street which is also Hy109.

This photo is the last to show of the area north of US40. The following photos are of places south of US40.

Pine street in Knightstown Indiana

Looking West on Pine Street

I like nearly all of Knightstown, it seems fairly quaint and quiet, at least for this day and age. I like this street scene, especially after removing a few items and wires. It gives me a feeling of peacefulness and of New England even though the houses are not as old. This view was taken from just east of South Franklin Street on  November 7, 2009.

Italianate house

J. Lee Furgason House

This Italianate home at 5 West Pine was probably built in the late 1860's and is the first one on the left in the photo above. Years ago the home had a gingerbread porch all the way across the front. We are looking southwest in view.

For more information and an 1880's photograph showing this house and the others on this side of Pine street, go Here.

Italianate house in Knightstown

Another Italianate Home on Pine Street

This the second house from the left in the photo of PIne Street. Such a beautiful home!

The large white house in the distance will be shown on Page 5.
Victorian homes

Two Nice Old Homes

Two more homes I really like, one empty lot separates them from the home shown above. The one on the left is the one I thought I would like to purchase many years ago. I think I would like it in that area but would prefer being further south.

Victorian home in Knightstown Indiana

Home On Pine Street at South Harrison

This view is looking southeast at the home shown above on the right side. I like the gable windows and it appears to have fish scale siding.

Federal-Italianate home

A Small Federal-Italianate Home

This home appears to have both influences in it's design. It sits midway in the next block of Pine Street going west.

Gothic house

A Gothic House

Across the street from the house shown above sits this Gothic styled house  built in the 1860's.

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