Federal house in Knightstown

A White Federal Home on South Franklin

A very old home in Knightstown. This photo was taken on November 27, 2009.

Federal house in Knightstown Indiana

Another View  from West 3rd Street

A side view of the home looking northeast showing a couple of additions through the years.



Italianate house in Knightstown

Italianate House at Pine & South Jefferson

A fine old home and I hope to get a better photo from the northeast some morning.

Old building in Knightstown

An Old Building

This old building sits at South Washington and 4th street. I see a dock area but have no idea what it was originally used for.

Big blue river at Knightstown

Big Blue River

Big Blue River doesn't appear as such in this photo. This shot was taken in the park on the west side of Knightstown on Novermber 7, 2009.

The Big Blue River begins in northeast Henry county and joins Sugar Creek near Edinburgh to the Driftwood River which later contributes to White River. It is about 75 miles long.

This ends the tour of Knightstown at this time. I will probably post additional photos from time to time.

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