Lewisville is a small town of about 400. It is located on Hy40, 42 miles east of Indianapolis in the southwest corner of Henry county. For such a small town it has some nice old buildings. 

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Commercial buildings & opera house in Lewisville Indiana

Old Buildings on North Side of Hy40

These buildings are located on the northwest corner of the main intersection of Hy40 and 1st street. The buildings still pretty much have their original lower facade. The large building to the left is the Guyer Opera House. I couldn't get a better photo of it as there was a trailer in front of it. I also took the modern pole out along with the stoplights for a better view. 

The photos of Lewisville were taken on Saturday afternoon May 29th, 2010.

Old commercial building in Lewisville Indiana

The Corner Building

Here is a view of  the corner building of which I find the rock chimney and bay window along with the stairway very interesting. I wish I had thought to take a morning shot of these features. I  took the modern pole out along with the stop lights for a better view.

Rear of old commercial building in Lewisville Indiana

Corner Building - Rear View

Here is the rear view of the corner commercial building and it isn't what I would have expected. Being a former brick and stone mason from many years ago, this just simply intrigued me. This shot also gives a closer look at the bay window. The rear of the building to the right is interesting and rather attractive also.

Old commercial building detail in Lewisville Indiana

Porch Detail

A closeup view of the porch which has a Romanesque feel.

Federal styled building

Federal Building at Hy40 & 1st Street

A fine old Federal styled building on the southeast corner of the main intersection Hy40 and 1st Street. Looking southeast on the afternoon of May 29, 2010.

The Wildey building in Lewisville Indiana

The Wildey Building

The Wildey building is located at US40 and William Street,  one block west of the main intersection of US40 and 1st Street. This view looks to the southwest.

The Wildey building

The Wildey Building

This photo is looking southeast and was taken in the afternoon.

old Methodist  Episcopal chur in Lewisville Indiana

The Old Methodist Episcopal Church

From Hy40 I noticed the cupola in the distance over the trees and thought I should check it out. I don’t show many churches but I like this one, a bit unusual. This view is looking to the southeast and yes the old power pole does lean. Looking to the northeast shows the old pole and wires to best advantage but not the church. I very seldom choose to have poles and wires in a photo if I can help it but in this case I feel it adds to the scene. For a small town, Lewisville takes the prize for wires.

Old Episcopal church in Lewisville Indiana

Cupola Closeup

A closeup view of what I call the cupola. Barns have them, do churches? I sure hope they never tear this one down.

Railroad overpass in Lewisville Indiana

Railroad Overpass

It appears this viaduct on south 1st Street is the only physical thing left of the railway in this area. This photo was taken in the afternoon looking toward Lewisville.

This concludes the visit of Lewisville, for now anyway. There may be a couple other structures that I might get some time.


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