Lockerbie Street


Italianate Double Dwelling

A nice Italianate styled house  for this neighborhood, probably built in the 1860′s. Although I like unpainted brick homes, I will say that it really brightens up the area. A few in a historic district like this is looks good. It  sits east across the alley and across the street from the last two houses shown.

Lockerbie Street

Looking Back

Looking back toward Park Avenue where we have been.

A working man's cottage in oickerbie Square

A Working Man's Cottage

Another working man’s cottage and somehow dark orange fits in this neighborhood. This is looking southwest from just west of College Avenue.

Cottages in Lockerbie Square

Looking Back at Cottages We Passed

Small cottages line Lockerbie street in this block. I will show the houses at the corner of Lockerbie and College later when I go north on College Avenue.

A yellow cottage in lockerbie Square

Starting at College & Vermont

Continuing our Lockerbie Square tour, we will start on Vermont street near College Avenue and head west. This house stood out to me because of the fence and the beautiful trees. This area of Vermont street has had several new houses built to look old and they fit in quite nicely. Looking north-northwest on April 13, 2010

As a reminder, Lockerbie Square is bounded by Michigan on the north, New York on the south, East street on the west and College on the east. It is divided east and west by Park Avenue and is divided north and south by Vermont and Lockerie streets. For those who are wondering….I do not recognize the new boundaries declared by the City.

Double dwelling on Vermont street in Lockerbie Square

A Double Dwelling on Vermont Street

An attractive double dwelling that sits a couple of doors west of the residence shown above. Looking north.

Victorian home in Lockerbie Square

A Colourful Two Story on Vermont

This home is next to the one shown above. I like the bay windows. Looking north.

Looking west on Vermont in Lockerbie Square

A View of Houses on Vermont

A view of the last two houses shown above to the right, a third house and then an old carriage house. Looking northwest.

Looking east on Vermont street in Lockerbie Square

A View of Houses on Vermont

A view of the same houses looking northeast. The interesting old carriage house on the left belongs to a house facing Park Avenue so I will be showing a couple more views of it on the next page when we are going south on Park.

This is a beautiful block of Vermont with many trees. The houses on the south side of Vermont are nice but difficult to photograph because of the shade and parked cars.

A blue victorian house in Lockerbie Square

A Blue House on Vermont

This nice large home sits on the south side of Vermont at Park Avenue. I love the Redbud and Dogwood trees at this time of year. Looking southwest on April 13, 2010.

I wish I had taken a photo of the yellow house, somehow I didn't.

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