Lockerbie Square


Two cottages on Vermont street in Lockerbie Square

A Couple of Houses on Vermont

Next to the yellow house that can be seen in the last photo on Page 2, sits this cottage and two story house. Looking to the southwest.

A small yellow cottage

A Small Yellow Cottage on Vermont

This small cottage sits on the south of Vermont west of the two houses shown above.

A row of cottages in Lockerbie Square

Three Cottages on Park Avenue

On the east side of Park Avenue near the northern boundary of Lockerbie Square sits these three small cottages. The gray two story house on the right in the distance sits on the corner of Park and Vermont and has the old carriage house shown on page 2. This is looking southeast.

A large cottge in Lockerbie Square

A Yellow Attractive Cottage on Park

Another view of the yellow cottage shown in the  photo above and of course the large gray house is to the right. Looking northeast on April 13, 2010.

Italianate house in Lockerbie Square

Large Italianate House on Park

One of my favourite large homes in Lockerbie Square, it sits on the northeast corner of Park & Vermont. I can remember in the late 70's hoping that this house and it’s carriage house would be saved and restored. The carriage house can be see to the right in the distance. Looking northeast.

Italianate house in Lockerbie Square

Another View of the House

A view of the side and rear looking northwest. I love the Palladium type windows. 

Carriage house on Vermont street

The Carriage House That Faces Vermont

Looking north at the carriage house that can be seen in the second photo above and on page 2. I love old carriage houses and have a category for them.

A carriage house in Lockerbie Square

Another View of the Carriage House

I like this one so much that I included another view, this one looking to the northwest. It is smaller than most old carriage houses and thankfully there are still a few of them left.

Two story brick house in Lockerbie Square

Two Story Brick House on Park Avenue

I have always liked this home with the two level porches, and It is also very difficult to photograph. It sits on the southeast corner of Park Avenue and Vermont Street. This view is looking to the southeast and was taken on April 13, 2010. 

A brick victorian house in Lockerbie Square

A Three Story Brick House on Park

Well, maybe I am pushing it a bit. A very nice  brick house with a bit of Italianate style. I wasn’t able to get a good photo of the other side but this one is sure brightened with the Dogwood and Red Bud trees.

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