Metamora is a canal town dating back to 1838. It was part of the Whitewater Canal which run from Lawrenceburg to Hagerstown, a distance of 101 miles. It had 56 locks with a fall of nearly 500 feet. Two of the locks still exist at Metamora and have been restored.

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Old grist mill at Metamora Indiana

Old Grist Mill at Metamora

The original mill was a three story frame structure and was built in 1845 and according to one source, it burned in 1899. and was rebuilt in 1900. A water wheel is located in the lock to the left, at of sight in this view. This photo was taken on the morning of September 17, 2009 and is looking southwest. 

Canal lock & water wheel

Canal Lock and Water Wheel

Another look of the old mill from a foot bridge that is half way to the main bridge in the center town which is only one block away from the mill. The water wheel was not original as this was a lock for the canal. The mill is located at the west end of town and this view is looking west-southwest. 

Canal bridge at Metamora

Canal Bridge

This is the bridge more or less in the center of town and about a block east of the mill. The Canal House is on the left and with a good look and a glass, the wooden aqueduct and the only one of it’s kind in the United States, may be seen in the far distance. It is about two blocks farther east from the bridge. 

Old commercial buildings at Metamora Indiana

Downtown Buildings

This view shows the buildings across the canal from the Canal House in the view above.  The  building to the right (west) is the Masonic Lodge, the upper floor is still used by that group in Metamora and has cobalt blue glass remaining in some of the windows. The building in the middle  is believed to have belonged to the local part of the Van Camp family, local lore has it that the front of the building was blown off in an accident with gasoline fumes. The building to the left was built by the Martindale family in the early 1900′s to serve as a confectionery business for one of the daughters. The long blue building barely seen to the left is the former Martindale Hotel building. This view is looking SSE and was taken in the afternoon of September 17, 2009. This information was sent to me by Gail Ginther. Thank you Gail!

Aqueduct & canal at Metamora Indiana

Distant Aqueduct

A view of the canal and Aqueduct from east of the bridge. The canal boat keeps the water stired up and muddy for a while after passing by. 

Aqueduct & canal boat at Metamora Indiana

The Aqueduct

The canal boat passing through the aqueduct. The canal carries three feet of water and a load of about 115 tons over Duck creek which is sixteen feet below. The horse has to be disconnected from the rope and reconnected on the other side. 

Canal boat at Metamora Indiana

On the Way to the Distant Lock

The distant lock is about a quarter of a mile past the aqueduct. This photo is of the bend in the canal before heading northeast to the lock. 

Canal lock at Metamora Indiana

The Distant Lock in View

The distance between the lock at the mill and this lock is only about one half mile and then the canal will drop another nine feet or so. I like this view and there are many fine views in Franklin county as it nears the Ohio river valley. 

Canal lock

The Distant Lock

Here we are at the top of the distant lock.

Inside a canal lock

The Distant Lock

Looking inside the lock.

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