Pendleton is a very nice clean little town of around 3,000 with seemingly, a lot pride.  The  downtown area was very busy when I was there and I saw a few good looking old buildings. It's most outstanding feature is "Falls Park" which would be a credit for many large cities. I wish I could live near such a place.

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J.T. Chambers building

J.T. Chambers Building

The J.T. Chambers building  at State Street & Pendleton Avenue on the northeast corner.

I took the power poles, lights and other items out of this view which gives a nice quite peaceful feeling to the view and included the bay widow on the left. This view is looking northeast.

Pendleton appears to be a very nice small town with a lot of community pride. There are a few nice fairly original buildings and some decent upper story facades. Overall though I felt a bit disappointed in the small downtown area as to original architecture.


Old commercial building bay window

Bay Window Closeup

A closeup view of the bay window and buildings north of the J.T. Chambers building.

Italianate commercial building in Pendleton Indiana

An Old Italianate Building

Located on the southwest corner of State and Main Streets. Probably one of the oldest and most original buildings in Pendleton and one of my favourites. I believe it is impossible to get a good photo of this because of the stoplights…..had to put some work into this one. Looking southwest on November 13, 2009. 

I.O.O.F. building in Pendleton Indiana

I.O.O.F. Building

The upper facade of this building is rather interesting and original and I like the awnings. It appears the two corner brick pillars are covered with canvas of some sort, probably while being worked on and I would suppose the railings are temporary for the safety of the workmen. This view looks to the northeast. 

I.O.O.F building in Pendleton Indiana

I.O.O.F. Building

A closeup view of the detail including the construction date of 1890. 

Falls park in Pendleton

Falls Park

A view of the waterfalls and the old bridge abutments, taken from the Pendleton Parkway bridge. The first structure on the right is the Pendleton Museum and most of it is an old log cabin. This is a beautiful park and has over 150 acres with I believe nearly seven miles of hiking…mostly in the woods and some along Fall Creek. These photos were taken on the morning of November 13, 2009.

Waterfall at Falls park in Pendleton

Large Falls at Falls Park 

A view of both waterfalls and the green footbridge from near the Pendleton Avenue bridge. Falls Park is a beautiful and clean city park with a lake, museum, hiking and more.

I took this photo on November 13, 2009.

Falls park in Pendleton Indiana

Falls Park

This view is from the parking lot and shows the green foot bridge which crosses over Fall Creek on the left and part of the lake to the right.

Falls park lighthouse in Pendleton

Falls Park - Lighthouse

The small lighthouse that sits about center of the lake, it was built in 1928.

Falls park fountain of water

Falls Park - Fountain of Water

The fountain of water in the lake at Falls park. The small lake is very picturesque and adds a lot of interest to the park.

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