Railroad Viaducts


Fayette County

A busy viaduct in Connersville on Western Avenue.

Madison County

This 100 year old six span concrete viaduct (1910) is still in use and is located in Pendelton at Falls Park.

Henry County

A short overpass in Lewisville. It appears this overpass on south 1st Street is the only physical thing left of the railway in this area. This photo was taken in the afternoon looking toward Lewisville.

Wayne County

As with the overpass in Lewisville, this one in Cambridge City sits by itself, even the earth bank that once supported the tracks is gone. This is located on south Foote Street.

Fayette County

This overpass bridges north Central Avenue in Connersville.

Fayette County

The railroad passes over North Grand Avenue in Connersville in this view.


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