Randolph County

Rural Views of Randolph County

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A country road

Rural Scene on a Summer Day

A typical Randolph county back road which appears to go on forever.  After taking a barn photo, I turned and noticed the view from where I had come. This was taken on July 1, 2010.


A round barn

Round Barn

This round  barn about eight miles southwest of Winchester is a beauty and I got two barns for the price of one! I think it would better with white paint where the green is though, a bit gaudy the way it is now.

Old abandoned rural church

Abandoned Country Church

I wasn't expecting this old  rural church as one doesn't see many of them any more.

Old abandoned rural church

Abandoned Country Church - Another View

The cupola leans a bit and the door is 1950's.

Closeup view of the church cupola

Abandoned Country Church - Cupola

A closeup view of the weathered cupola.


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