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Rural views of Rush County

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Offutt Ford covered bridge

Offutt Ford Covered Bridge

This covered bridge near Arlington was built by the Kennedy family in 1884. It is about 101 feet long crossing over Little Blue river and is six miles northeast of Rushville. This view is of the southeast portal.

Offutt Ford covered bridge in Rush county Indiana

Offutt Ford Covered Bridge - Side View

A side view with the Little Blue river showing the peaceful area it sits in. These photos were taken on May 25, 2009.

Pink barn in Rush county Indiana

A Pink Barn

This barn is located near Carthage and according to the owner, his grandfather painted it orange years ago and the paint has faded and changed to this lovely pink. He also said that Coca-cola made an advertisement with the barn with the camera truck shooting it while driving past. 

Thompson Haven house

Thompson Haven House

Thompson Haven built this grand house around 1860. It is very sad to see it go to ruin like this. The small front and side porch roofs are gone and there was a windmill very close to the house, it is gone also.

Old abandoned house in Rush county Indiana

Another View of the Haven House

I couldn’t get the sun to cooperate and stay out. It seems to me that at some point the house could have been sold as there is always someone that would love to repair or restore and live in such a grand old home. Why let something just decay and fall down? These photos were taken on July 21, 2009.

Round barn in Rush county Indiana

Yellow Round Barn

This small round barn northeast of Rushville appears to be the only structure left of the original farm. This photo was taken on May 21, 2009.

Old Rush county Indiana barn

An Old Barn Near Moscow

I like this one with the gable extension and weathered look. I wish it had a new roof, probably won’t be around much longer.

Washington township school remains in Raleigh Indiana

Remains of the Washington Township School in Raleigh

I did a double take when I came across this many years ago. It sits on the east side of the small cross roads town of Raleigh in northwest Rush county. It would be interesting to know when the school was built and torn down. I wish the old covered bridge of many years ago that sit on the west side of Raleigh and had covered side walks on each side was still standing. I also wish the counties would be more considerate on some landmarks such as bridges of which many do not need to be destroyed. It appears that some are leaning more towards preservation but probably only because of public awareness. This photo was taken on July 21, 2009.

S. Croom told me that his 8th grade class was the last to graduate from the school in 1965. According to Croom, a local farmer Albert Hill, bought the property and had the school torn down. There was a large stone with a plaque in front of the school stating it was the first consolidated school.

James Muray house in Rush county Indiana

James Murray House

This Greek Revival-Italianate House south of Rushville was built around 1850 by a Scotsman, James Murray. It had a fireplace in every room including the basement and a circular stairway in the central hall. It seemed I was just chasing the sun around for a bright shot, I finally gave up.

Old barn in Rush county Indiana
Barn Near the James Murray Home

This is a nearby barn built much later of course and I suppose it was part of the farm.

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