Second Empire

French Second Empire homes are grand looking, even the smaller ones. They were popular in Indiana from about the 1860's to 1880's. Some of the features of this style are: tall slighted curved Mansard roofs with iron cresting and often a central projecting pavilion extending above the rest of the house. Bracketed cornices, elaborate moldings, arched and pedimented windows and many times have an Italianate flair to them.


French Second Empire Mansion in Knightstown Indiana

Second Empire Home - Henry County

This beautiful mansion is located on the west side of Knightstown. It is asymmetrical with a tower, mansard roof, iron cresting and roof dormer windows. This photo was taken on November 7, 2009.

Mansion with Mansard Roofed Tower

Elias Hinshaw House - Henry County

Located in Knightstown, this house has some Italianate style to it also with the low pitched roof and heavy bracketed cornice. It has the central extended pavilion and tower with a Mansard roof, iron cresting and roof dormer windows. The house was built in 1883 or perhaps before.

French Second Empire

Museum of History - Hamilton County

Built in 1876, it was the sheriff's residence. It is located in Noblesville and now serves as the Hamilton County Museum of History. It retains all of the iron cresting it appears. and along with the mansard roof and dormer windows and tower, it has stone quoins on the corners. For more views  of it please click on "Noblesville".


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