Shelby County

Rural views of Shelby County

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Flatrock United Methodist Church

The village of Flat Rock was platted January 4, 1885 by Thomas Wooley on a plan consisting of 42 lots. Flatrock is about 11 miles SSW of Shelbyville the county seat.

An Old Business and Home

These old buildings are getting rare and it is a joy to still find them. This one is in Flatrock. Looking NE on May 14, 2013.
Another Old Business in Flatrock

This building is across the road from the one above. This view is llooking SW and was taken on May 14, 2013.
Rear View of Building Shown Above

Looking NE. It would be interesting to know what this building was used for originally.
Old Bards & Sheds

This complex of farm buildings is west of Flatrock. Looking SE.
Closeup of the Oldest Structure Shown Above

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