Shelbyville is the county seat of Shelby County and is located about 26 miles southeast of Indianapolis at the fork of the Little Blue and the Big Blue rivers. It covers an area of about 12 square miles with a population of about 19,000.

Shelbyville has a downtown square but the center is a parking lot. They had an interesting looking old courthouse of which was destroyed and now a rather ugly courthouse built in the 1930's located on South Harrison a few blocks or so from the square. They have some interesting old homes but not many for the size of the town.

Downtown Square - Northwest Quadrant

I will show the Square first and then start at the north of Harrison street or Hy9 and proceed southward. There are a couple more buildings that could be shown but the lighting wasn't right for a good photograph. Perhaps later.

Going in a counter clock wise direction this is the view of the northwest quadrant. As with most towns, the ground floor level of the building facades have been destroyed. The upper facades are very nice especially the white one in the corner which is seen in the photo below.

Northwest Quadrant - Sheldon Building

A very ornate building with a clock and was built in 1881.

Southwest Quadrant

Nice buldings and again the lower facade destroyed. The upper facade of the corner building always attracted my attention. Looking SW.

Southwest Quadrant - Corner Building

Another view of the corner building with a round turret at the top.

Southwest Quadant - Corner Building Detail

A lot of beautiful detail and pride in this building. Reminds one of a castle.

Northeast Quadrant

A couple of great looking buildings.

DePrez Building 

I believe this is the DePrez Building, I will have more infomation when I have the time. A very ornate building.

Building At Harrison & Walker

An old Italianate building at the north side of town. We will proceed south on Harrison street (Hy9).

 Old Building At Harrison & Jackson

A French Second Empire building. The lower facade has been hideously ruined.

The Sweet Tooth

Another nice old building except for the lower facade. It is located at Harrison and Franklin, one block north of the Square. Next door to the left is Flemings which will be seen on Page 2.

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