Pioneer Village


Weaver's shop at Spring Mill Pioneer Village

The Weaver's Shop

Looking northeast at the log cabin. There is an opening in the  cabin that can not be seen in this view.

Weaver's shop detail

Weaver's Shop

A view of the opening mentioned above.

Log Weaver's shop

Weaver's Shop

Looking southeast at the Weaver’s Shop.

The Weaver's shop at Spring Mill Village

Weaver's Shop

Here we are back where we were at the first glimpse of the village. This is a closer view of the cabin  looking to the southwest.

Weaver's shop detail view

Weaver's Shop

A good look at the open area of the cabin looking southwest. I find the stairway very interesting and if you take a good look at the interior, you will see the stairs continuing upward. I would imagine it was a bit cooler in this area if there was a breeze.

Interior view of the Weaver's shop at Spring Mill Pioneer Village

Weaver's Shop - Interior

A nice old loom and the stair steps can be seen to the left. This post brings an end to the tour of Spring Mill Pioneer Village. I hope you have enjoyed it and if so, please let me know.

Before leaving Spring Mill State Park, I will post a couple photos of the Hamer Cemetery and a view of Donaldson Cave.

Hamer Cemetery at Spring Mill State park

Hamer Cemetery

The cemetery sits atop a ridge about a quarter of a mile southeast from the pioneer village.

Stone arch entry to Hamer Cemetery

Hamer Cemetery

The stone arch entryway to the cemetary which is to the right in the photo above.

The trail to Donaldson cave at Spring Mill state Park

To Donaldson Cave

On the way “down” (and back up) to Donaldson cave. If I remember correctly, 212 steps plus about twenty feet elevation of trail to get to the stream and about 500 feet or so to reach the cave. This was so different from when I visited the cave so many years before.

Donaldson cave at Spring Mill State park

Donaldson Cave

Donaldson cave and with enough light on it for a decent photo.

This photo ends this trip to Spring Mill State Park. Thanks for joining me and I hope you have enjoyed tour. If so...please let me know! 

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