Pioneer Village


Map of the Pioneer Village

The saw mill at Spring Mill Village

A Closer View of the Saw Mill

Another look at the sawmill looking southwest. I have never seen this particular one in action.

A pioneer saw mill

Looking North at the Saw Mill

I like the foundation, just put down some stones and start building.

An old saw mill

 A Close View of the Saw Mill

A closer look through the south end.

Closeup view of a saw mill

Another Close View of the Saw Mill

A side view looking west showing what I would call the fly wheel transfering the power to the blade. The log cabin in the distance is the “Lower Residence”.

Grist mill at Spring Mill Village

The Grist Mill Looking Northeast

This last photo of the grist mill is looking to the northeast from in front of the distillery. The “Granny White” cabin can be seen in the distance to the right.

Spring Mill village was a restoration project in the 1920′s & 30′s. According to an old postcard I have, it was a massive rebuild. The Hamer mill was the first “restored” grist mill opened to the public and that was in the 1930′s.

I took in the candle light tour of the village back in the late eighties and having never been to one, didn’t know what to expect.

Continued Below

Grist mill closeup view

Weather Vane

An up close view of the “rooster” weather vane and gable window. Tomorrow and Tuesday, I will show some photos of the interior. These photos were taken on May 29, 2010. 

Several hundred people, some carrying candles at night walked from the parking lot to the village. We grouped together in the grassy area in front of the mill.  After a few minutes the mill seemed to come to life depicting a few moments of a day in the life of the village pioneers. Mrs Hamer even raised the upstairs window of “Lower Residence” and yelled over to the mill for her husband to come to dinner. The next stop was in front of the tavern.

Interior view of the grist mill at Spring Mill Village

Grist Mill Interior

Here is an interior view of the old mill taken from a few steps to the left upon entering. The mill interpreter can be seen in front of the distance window and I would have loved to have been able to sit down and listen but as it was I had less than an hour to capture interior shots of all of the buildings. The old worn stairway is to the left, out of sight in this view which by the way is looking toward the northeast.

Spring Mill Village grist mill interior

Grist Mill Interior - Second Floor

The second floor contains a number of “stalls” filled with antiques according to a certain theme of pioneer life. Forty years ago the antiques were basically piled along the wall and had no information about the various items. A wonderful place at the time to attempt to stump your father as to what something was used for. My father enjoyed this and in only one or two instances…was stumped. This village brings back some wonderful times with that good and dear person that was part of my life.

Interior of grist mill

Grist Mill Interior - Second Floor Window

One of the second story windows with a view of the flume, looking to the southeast. 

Interior of grist mill at Spring Mill state park

Grist Mill Interior - Third Floor Window

Looking out of one of the third story windows with somewhat of a view of the top of the flume.

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