Pioneer Village


Map of the Pioneer Village

Two story log cabin

"Upper Residence"

I don't know which Hamer brother lived here, nor do I understand why it is call "Upper" residence since it is the one to the south. For years my favourite place to be in the village was the second story porch in this view. I would have loved to have been able to take a photo from there but the second floor was closed off to the public the day I was there. It is difficult to get the exact shot you want of this view because of the trees and stone wall.

The walk in the foreground goes east-west from the mill to the garden which is just to the right in this photo.

Pioneer log cabin

"upper Residence"

Another view of “Upper Residence” looking southeast and the distillery in the background. The Hamer brothers, the third owners of the village, remodeled this cabin and “Lower Residence”. The village reached it’s peak in the 1850′s with about twenty families.

Old log cabin interior

"Upper Residence" - Interior

A view of the west fireplace on the first floor, the one to the right in the photo above.

Upper residence and school at Spring Mill Pioneer Village

"Upper Residence" & School

Here is a view of the west end of “Upper Residence” looking east-northeast. The school is to the right, the mill in the background, and part of the southern end of the garden is in the foreground. The “Garden House” was behind me when taking this view,

Garden house in Spring Mill Pioneer Village

Garden House

This is an afternoon shot of the cabin, the only view with the luxury of sunlight on it. It hasn’t been many years since this cabin was moved here.

Old log cabin

Another View of the Garden House

Looking southwest at the cabin in the morning.

Garden house log cabin

Another View of the Garden House

Here is a head on shot looking south at the little cabin nestled under the trees. Tomorrow we will take a look at the pioneer garden which is to the left just out of sight in this photo.

Pioneer garden

Pioneer Garden

The pioneer garden looking north, taken from the south end just west of the school.

Pioneer garden at Spring Mill Pioneer Village

Another View of the Pioneer Garden

Looking the opposite way from near the summer kitchen of “Lower Residence” toward the south-southwest. The school can be seen left of center and somewhere among the trees to the right of center is the garden house.

Stone arch entrances to the pioneer garden at Spring Mill Village

Stone Arch Entrances to the  Garden

My favourite view of the garden entrances. This is looking west from the walkway between “Upper and Lower Residences”.

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