Pioneer Village


Map of Pioneer Village

Lower Water Falls at Spring Mill Village in Indiana

Lower Water Falls

A view of the lower falls. The stairway on the left takes you to the upper falls and then a very short way to Hamer cave.

Waterfalls at Spring Mill State Park in Indiana

Both Waterfalls

This photo which shows both water falls, was taken from the other side of Mill Creek from a good distance away.

Hamer cave at Spring Mill State Park in Indiana

Hamer Cave

A short way above the upper waterfall is Hamer Cave. I was lucky that this photo came out well as I had to extend my tripod, lean it against the railing and hold it tightly. My overall view of this area was not so fortunate.

Log Leather shop at Spring Mill Pioneer Village in Indiana

Leather Shop

I made my first entry into this cabin on this trip and sure didn’t expect to see what I did. It was late in the day and other than the visitors railed off section, there was no floor in the cabin. Two women were seated down in what I would call the crawl space and a third woman had been excavating and drawing a map of what she had found. The first thing she said was: It is a man…of which I replied…I am looking for three women to take a photo of. She was finding some interesting information of which can be goggled if you are interested. This view is looking to the northeast.

Leather shop at Spring Mill village in Indiana

Leather Shop

Another view of the log cabin looking southeast.

Granny White House

A view of the Granny White House along with the Weaver’s Shop to the left of it. It was the Weaver’s Shop that was in the first glimpse of the village. 

Granny White log cabin  at Spring Mill Pioneer Village

Granny White House

Looking northeast at the Granny White House. A rather large log cabin with a complete opening in the middle of the first floor and there is a door to each side. I am thinking I visited the second story many years ago.

Granny White house

Granny White House

Another view looking to the southeast. I wish I had taken a head on view and now realize I missed a number of shots I would like to have of the village.

Granny White house interior

Granny White House - Interior

This is the first floor room at the south end of the cabin, or toward the right in the photos posted yesterday. The two windows face the front of the house and the door is to the right. Looking toward the northwest.

Interior of the Granny White house at Spring Mill Pioneer Village

Granny White House - Interior

A view of the fireplace on the south wall taken from near the door.

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