About Website

"Indiana Places"

Is a website comprised of my own photographs of Indiana along with my comments and perhaps a bit of history. In some cases there will be a specific order of subject matter such as with "Spring Mill State Park" and will present it as a tour. In the case of cities and towns, I will show the downtown area first and then the surrounding areas. For larger urban areas, I will break the subject in more categories.

Please feel free to comment on what you like, it would be great to know that someone is visiting and enjoying the site. Please let me know what town or area you are from also. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed your visit.

"Why a Free Site?

I have had a number of websites and have lost or gave them up for several reasons. The last site I had was with the best host I ever had. Out of nowhere they decided not to accept checks or money orders any more. It is just too difficult to find a host that does and then they may  decide otherwise, so....no more paid sites.

Last November I decided to go with a free blog (wordpress) instead of a website. Recently I decided to complete a given area (such as Spring Mill State Park) before moving on to another area. The problem is that there is no way to reverse the order of posts of a given category during a visit. Wordpress was not interested in giving the ability to do so, so now I am starting over with this free site.


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