Subject Location

I give locations of some subjects, others I do not. I also list links for bridges and round barns.   I work on this site for the enjoyment of myself and  others. I find most of the landmarks on my own, sort of like discovering treasures. I  wish to show these images not found elsewhere which makes the site more interesting so please do not ask for specific locations.

I am sure many would just like to visit the sites but there are some that just want to put them on their site or worse yet, publish them in a book. One such person wanted to swap information giving me locations that are listed in his books. I'm sorry....this is a free site and I have no desire to work for or bear the expense helping others print books or build websites with tons of advertising.

The same goes for using my photographs. If it is for usage in making a profit, forget it. Times are tight, for myself also. I am even considering the removal of my contact link as it seems that everyone is of a "give me" attitude. I apologize to those that aren't out for gain but I have no way of knowing.

The final reason is that in many cases, the property owners would rather not have any more visitors around. I can't say that I blame them.

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