Connersville Homes

Connersville is the county seat of Fayette county and has a population of around 16,000. It is a very old town for this area, John Connor a trader with the Indians first came to what is now Connersville in 1808 and laid the town out 1813. There are still a decent number of very old homes here and a good number of old buildings. There is an old feeling there considering this day and age and I love it.

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We will begin our tour of old homes in the 200 block of north Eastern Avenue which is the one block east of Central Avenue. We will explore Eastern, Central, Grand and Western Avenues and work our way north on each one. All of these avenues run at an angle, southwest to northeast.

Old brick mansion with a turret

Large Turreted Mansion

This old mansion sits on the southeast corner Eastern and 3rd Street. This is the home I remember for so many years passing through Connersville. It has deteriorated a lot and appears to be in great need of restoration.


Old house with turret in Connersville Indiana

Another View of the Mansion

This is when the sunshine give out on me. I was hoping for a view of the other side but will show one until I can get a better one. I remember it having a crystal or stained glass window of some sort many years ago and I didn't see it this time. Perhaps I am mistaken.


Old brick mansion detail

A Detail View of the Roof Treatment

Here is something you don't see often. This could be a show piece of a home if the right person would come along.


Old house in Connersville Indiana

House at East 4th & North Eastern

This old house which appears to perhaps be a business, sits on the northwest corner of Northeastern Avenue and 4th. It is just a half block from  the Canal House.

Old house gable detail

Old House Upper Facade

North of the house shown above is a string of old houses that I wish I could have captured. The light was not right and there were a lot of parked cars.

The last one at the north end caught my eye and I could not resist taking a shot of the ornate work on this very old wood framed house. It still has the old 1940's or so siding. Hopefully some day this home will be restored.


Two story brick Italianate house

Two Story Brick Italianate Home

Across from North Eastern from the house shown above  old Italianate house. It is currently being used as a trophy shop now it appears. Because of the angled streets and this view looking south-southeast, I was able to get this morning shot. This worked out well because I lost my afternoon sun.


Old brick chimney

Closeup of Gable Detail

A good look at the beautiful detail work in the gable, eves and chimney.


French Second Empire mansion in Connersville Indiana

Newkirk Mansion

This beautiful French Second Empire and Italianate imansion was built in 1880. It is located at 371-321 Western Avenue and was built by the owner of a furniture manufacturing company.

I first noticed it in the distance from the courthouse. This is a zoomed in shot from over two city blocks away.
Mansion on a hill in Connersville Indiana

Another View of the Old Mansion

An early afternoon shot of the mansion from across the street. I meant to get a view with more sun.


French Second Empire tower detail

Tower Detail

A view of the detail in the tower's Mansard roof.



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