Dearborn County

Map of Indiana Showing Dearborn County

 Rural Views of Dearborn County

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Guilford Covered Bridge

This is the last existing covered bridge in Dearborn county and was built in 1879 by Archibald M. Kennedy and sons. It originally sat on the east edge of the small town of Guilford and in 1960 was moved a few hundred yards away in a field. I am glad it was saved but it was sad to see it stored for so long on blocks a few feet or so from the ground. It got to be in bad shape and suffered from an arson fire (which I will never understand) in 1993. This view is to the NW.

Guilford Covered Bridge

When I took this photograph on September 25, 2010, I was very pleasantly surprised with the bridge restored and in a natural type of setting. This view of the 104' long bridge is looking to the WNW.

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